5 Blackjack Myths to Avoid

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Playing Blackjack is fun. We already told you why you must play BlackJack. Well this game has some of the best chances to win. Playing in casinos is always fun. Well let us have a look at the Myths you must avoid while playing BlackJack. So you must make sure you are all above these myths and know the truth before hand.

We told you how you can play BlackJack, the strategies and tips. This article will help you to overcome these myths. So if you were following these myths then you will be saved after reading this article. The main task is to enjoy the game and try to win. After all its entertaining and its fun!

5 Blackjack Myths to Avoid

5 Blackjack Myths to Avoid

Looking and playing like Dealer

If you are rookie in BlackJack then you might think that the Dealer has more chance of winning. Thats not true. So you cannot make assumptions before hand. So the players try to imitate the dealers. So why to do that? There is no need to imitate the dealer. The dealer is following the house rules. So simple rules like Stop hitting after getting total of 17 or above.

As dealer plays second, automatically they have more chance of winning as they play second. As the player can go bust initially. Anyways imitating the dealer is not good strategy and must be avoided.

Don’t Bust

Well this is an ultimate myth that some people have. If you are getting 12 or more then some people stop hitting. This is a non useful strategy. Professional players and statisticians do allow to play more if getting hard 12. So keep playing, do the basic mathematic calculations and you are good to go. The cards may or may not be in your favour and its all about chances.

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Dealer has 10 in Hole

This is a major myth among the players. So for example if the dealer’s first card is 3 then card will be 10. This is ridiculous thinking for sure. How can you assume that there will be a next card of value 10. 10 value is for all the face cards and for the card with number 10. So there is no point to give away the house edge.

Card Counting is Illegal

Well you can certainly count the cards. Though this myth is making the players frightened that this will get them into trouble. Well if the casino allows then its good, but certainly many casinos won’t like it as your chances of winning will slightly increase. So its upto your risk, whether to count the cards or not? Try counting next time. Cheers!

Bad Players at Table Hurt Your Chances

Well this is a ridiculous myth indeed. So if you think that the players are not playing well besides, you then you also may get lost or have less chances. Well this is not true. All the hands are individual. The winning depends on the individual players and not dependent on any other player for sure. So if you are not happy with the other players, don’t think that their bad luck is causing your game to loose.


Be more aware of the facts and keep enjoying playing BlackJack.

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