5 Things to avoid on Blackjack Table

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Well we not only guide you about what to to win Blackjack, but here you will learn about what not to do if you are playing on a BlackJack Table. So playing casino games is fun. If you play very intelligently and then put rest things on luck, then there are more chances of winning. We play for fun and to win and so do you. So these are the mistakes or things you should not do while playing on a BlackJack Table.

5 Things to avoid on Blackjack Table

Don’t sit on a 6 to 5 Table

Well if you are not acquainted, we will explain about 6 to 5. So generally most of the Blackjack Tables follow 3 to 2. So it means if you win then you with 3 times to two. So for example if you place bet of $10 then you totally win $15. So what happens in 6 to 5. Yes, you are intelligent, if you place a bet of $50 you only get $60. So the winnings are very less. So you can go into multiples. So 3 to 2 tables help you win big than 6 to 5. So avoid those 6 to 5 tables in a casino and you are amazing to win more in BlackJack.

Never hand money directly to the dealer

Well this is a major tip for the new players. You need to keep the money on the table first. Then the dealer picks it up and gives you chips accordingly and all this is monitored in the cameras. If you give money directly to the dealer, things may not get recorded as you do not know where the cameras are placed. So its better to keep the money on the table. The dealer will take it and give you the chips accordingly. This is a major safety tip to the users.

Never touch the cards unless thrown near you

Yes this is also a cool important tip. If you are in a casino and the dealer keeps the cards near him then you can only watch and cannot touch. But if the dealers throws the cards near you , then you can watch both the cards with only one hand. Make sure you use only one and don’t lift the cards too high off the table. These things are not liked by the casino. So its better if you are not allowed to touch the cards, just watch.

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When the game starts, don’t touch the chips

So when you have placed the bet, the dealer starts dealing the cards. So in this situation you should not touch your chips or play with them. So the casino does not like that if you smartly touched your chips and removed chips from the bet or kept more chips into the bet. So to avoid this situation and be clear you should not touch the chips once the game has started. So don’t touch your bet once the hand starts.

Don’t Tell the dealer what you want to do, you have to use Hand Signals

So for example the game has begun and you want to tell Hit. So you can’t vocally tell the dealer, you got to do hand signals. So for telling Hit you have to show it by tapping your finger near the card. If you want to stand then you got the wave your hand. If you want to slpit or double down you can put the money.

You must be saying why to show signals and not talk. Well the cameras need to be recorded all your hand signals in case of any issues. So if the casino music is loud then the dealer might not listen to what you actually said. Or if the player said Hit to the dealer and then argued that he said stand, then there should be a proper record. So the standard protocol of hand signalling works the best.

Well these were the major things to avoid on a BlackJack Table. Playing in the casino is fun and for entertainment. If you win its a bonus. Cheers!

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