How to Play BlackJack?

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Well you already know why you should play BlackJack. Now its time to know how to play this game. The rules are very simple and it does need basic artihmetic calculation, intuition and a bit amount of luck to win the game. We will guide you in step by step process of how the BlackJack game is played and its rules.

How to Play BlackJack?

How to Play BlackJack?

As we know that the chances of the player winning is good in this game. The main goal or objective is to get 21 or close to 21 without exceeding the 21 points. Now lets see how the points are calculated. So the number cards from 2 to 10 are have the points which the card holds. For example the 10 of spades is considered to be 10 points. The face card has value of 10. So the Jack, Queen and King have all same values of 10. The Ace is considered as 1 or 11.

Playing this game is pretty easy and you surely need good cards, but also depends upon your intelligence and basic arithmetic calculations. Now you know how to calculate the points in the game. So you are now certain than your goal is to get 21 points or closer to that. So the player having most points(21) or closest to it, wins than the other player/dealer. Also you have to take care that you don’t go over the 21 points mark.

Now lets get acquainted with the terminologies of this game.


So if you say Hit, then you take another card in hopes of getting closer to the score of 21. As per the rule if the player exceeds 21 then it is said to be “bust” or game over and player loses. So basically Hit means that you are ready for getting the next card from the dealer or the deck.


This means that you do not want any more cards and you are sure that you may win with the current cards. So are are in hopes that the total points will beat the dealer.

Double Down

With this you are doubling your bet and will receive one more card. This is not allowed in some casinos where the first card is 10 or 11. Anyways so you can just basically double your bet in between the game to get that more cash.


So if you pull out 2 cards and they are of equal points then you can do a split. For doing a split you have to place another equal amount of bet.  In this case you can consider only one card and start continuing the game. So for example if you get two cards of 9 each then you can use one of the 9 card in another different bet. So both the cards will be separated by the dealer. So first hand will be played with the first 9 card till you win or bust. and then you can play another hand.


Well there is insurance in playing Blackjack too. Apart from the silly joke, but seriously it acts like an insurance. Lets consider a scenario that the Dealer has Ace Card and you have total score of 17 and you are frightened that the dealer’s next card might be a face card to make it a Blackjack and dealer might win. So in this case if you are sure before hand that the dealer will jet Blackjack, you can take an insurance.

So if the original bet is of $20 then you can place insurance of $10. So if the dealer gets blackjack and wins then you will lose the originally placed $20 but will win $20 in total because of the insurance. So its like break even. In this scenario you won’t loose any money. So its better to take insurance if you feel you are loosing the hand and dealer will get blackjack. Better to be safe. Happy Blackjack!

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