How to Play Roulette

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You must have seen the Roulette game which is very much interesting. It is so much anticipating that you are so eager to see the result of the game. The fact is that the Roulette game will keep you enticed all around because you want to know whether you are winning or not. The game is very much simple to play. This kind of game is very much for the players who love gambling. This is a game with greater house edge. so if you want to win more then you can start with games like BlackJack.

How to Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette

Playing the game offline is very easy. You just have to place your chips on the number(s), color or the sets. So you can just keep your chips on what you think the game’s result would be. So if you think that the 5 number will win then you can place your chips on 5 number. We have seen various players that they keep their chips on various other places as well. So to maximize their chance of winning they try to keen multiple chips on multiple locations. So this can be numbers, sets or even the sets.

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So for example if you keep your bet on a particular color, you just get your money back. Also in case of Odd or Even the returns are the same. So for example if you keep your chips on the even slot and if the winning number is even then you just get your amount back. So it is 1 to 1. This is what you get and there is a greater advantage to the House.

There are 36 numbers in the Roulette Wheel. So the winner is the only one number. This game is all about guessing that number. There is also chance of you winning on a particular set. The two main sets are 1-18 and 19-36. And if you put your chips on these sets you get your money the same amount as it is. So you get 1 on 1. For example if you put $10 chips on the set 1 and if you win then you get your chips back. If you loose then obviously you loose all your chips and money.

Dozen Bets/Column Bets

Now you can also bet on the dozens of numbers. So there are 4 dozen of numbers in the Roulette Wheel. You can bet on a particular dozen. If you win, then you win 2 to 1. So if you bet $10 on a particular dozen set and if you win then you get $20. If you loose you get nothing as usual.

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The main task of the game is to predict the winning number and start betting. There is also a Column Bet where in you can bet on a particular Column. The outcome is 2:1 and you can start winning. The main task is that you must predict that what kind of column may have the winning number. So you can predict to Win accordingly and win double.

Avenue Bets

There are Avenue Bets, where you can bet on the particular avenue accordingly. So these are group of Six numbers and the winning ratio is big. So if your set of six numbers win then you win 5 times. This is a crazy bet and you must try out this for sure as one of our friend loves to put in Avenue bets and wins in multiple of 5. The main task is that playing of Avenue Bets provides big winnings for you and lets you bet on a series of 6 numbers.

Basket Bet

Now this is a new kind of a bet where you can bet in for 00, 0, 1,2 and 3. So it has a set of these numbers and you can bet on this set. So if you win you win 6 to 1. This is a good set if the winning number comes from it.

Square Bet, Corner Bet

This type of bet helps you to bet on a particular set of 4 numbers. These are also called as corner numbers and you can win big, as big as 8 to 1. So try to predict that winning set of three numbers so that you can make the winnings big.

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Street Bet

This is a set of three numbers. So if you win on this kind of bet, you win 11 to 1. So these are the set of 3 numbers where you start betting in. The winnings in this kind of bet is huge. So if you bet $100 on a particular set of 3 numbers then you win $1100 for your win. This is a good thing for sure.

Split Bet

Now this is a kind of bet where in you bet on 2 numbers. This is a very critical kind of bet as you bet only on 2 numbers and you are not sure whether they will make you win or not. But if you bet $1000 on two numbers and you win then the winning ratio is 17 to 1, which is kind of $17000 if you win. So this is a huge kind of win for the player.

Straight Bet

Last but not the least, if you want to gamble, then gamble big. This is a straight bet where in you can bet on a single number. Now you know your chances of winning. If you bet $10 on a particular number and if you win, then you win $350 this is a huge earning for sure.

Now you know how to Play Roulette and the rules of the game. Hope you get lucky and win big in this game.

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