Roulette Etiquette

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We already know how to Play Roulette. We know where to play it too. Now while playing you must know the Etiquette for sure. This is for the players who are physically present in the casino. So you must take care of these things during the play. These are very much essential to keep the peace and calm and also they help you to focus on your game. Ultimately your focus should be to win in the game.

Roulette Etiquette

Roulette Etiquette

Avoid talking with other Players

Well there is no need to network during the play. Some people can consider it as a distraction. The same applies to the other people. If you are focused while playing and they talk, you might feel distracted for sure. Apart from this there is no need to give any suggestions to other players. So you might have said that you should bet on this number or something like that. Its their choice and their money. So let them decide where should they bet their money on.

Stay relaxed and keep your focus on the game. Just make sure that you keep playing and do not talk or disturb other players around. This is one of the most important etiquette while playing the Roulette.

Joining Table

In Roulette in many casinos there are special chips offered. This is to know the difference in your winnings from Roulette and other games. So you must join a table carefully according to its rules. So there are tables which have a minimum joining amount. So you must know about that minimum joining fee and then start playing. Also you have to wait when the wheel is spinning.

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Do not touch the Roulette Wheel

Spinning the wheel is the complete responsibility of the dealer. So do not touch the Roulette wheel at any cost. Your focus must be to bet and watch the winning number. There is no need to touch the Wheel in excitement. If you do so you may be kicked out of the casino as you have broken the rule. Just place your bets and watch the wheel rolling. If you are drunk then you must keep this in mind for sure.

Cashing Out

If the wheel is spinning you need to wait. You also need to make sure that the dealer has your attention. As soon as the dealer has your attention just handover all your chips to the dealer by requesting a cashout. This is a rule you must follow while cashing out from the Roulette Table.


So once all the bets are placed the dealer will touch your bets and signal no more bets. So this is a crucial time as you have to follow the rules. So after the dealer signals no bets, you cannot place any further bets to the Roulette Table. You got to make sure that you should not touch other player’s chips or bets. This is considered as cheating. You need to make sure that in the betting period you only place your bets and relax.

Hope you got acquainted with the Roulette Etiquette. So what are you waiting for, Enjoy Playing Roulette.

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